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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a Savvy undertaking for Individuals and Families

Estate Planning provides you and your family with the peace of mind and security that comes with having a well-executed plan for the unexpectedEstate Planning provides you and your family with the peace of mind and security that comes with having a well-executed plan for the unexpected: including incapacitation or death. Most people associate the term estate planning with the preparation for ones’ passing, yet estate planning may also be incredibly valuable should you become temporarily or permanently incapacitated. Most people are struck down by illness or accident (not immediate death) and may become unable to make decisions regarding one’s own care —including the management of your assets, nor decisions for your children.

Estate Planning is a smart and savvy undertaking for pro-active individuals and families of any income bracket and can be accomplished with the assistance of a competent and experienced estate planning lawyer. Vincent W. Davis & Associates will take the time necessary to educate you on these vital matters so that you can make informed and prudent choices. There are countless benefits – as numerous as people are unique.

4 Top Estate Planning Benefits

#1 – Avoid Probate

Avoid probate by having an Estate Plan that will likely have a Living Trusts and Pour Over Will is the best-known way to avoid subjecting your family to the expense and long, drawn-out hassle of a probate court proceedings following your death for up to 2 years.

#2 – Reduce Estate Taxes

Reduce Estate Taxes and know that you can transfer wealth to heirs; not taxes. Estate taxes, income taxes, and transfer taxes could diminish your estate by as much as half. With the new tone in Washington DC of raising taxes across the board, your estate has a bulls-eye on it. While estate planning trusts can go a long way toward sheltering your life’s assets, devising a simple plane to make gifts during your lifetime can help you save considerable taxes while giving you the added blessing of looking on as loved ones or charities use your gift while you’re alive to see the seeds of your legacy be reborn in the next generation.

#3 – Specify Who Gets What

Specify who gets what after you are gone with a carefully-crafted Estate Plan. But it does so much more. Estate planning allows you to take care of yourself by appointing the right person to handle your affairs and make decisions for you if you become ill or disabled. An Estate plan can protect your spouse or partner, children and other beneficiaries from loss due to their incapacity, immaturity, creditors, or scammer that may enter their life.

#4 – Affordable Costs

Affordable Costs – Estate planning can be Affordable for Your Family now and even more so in the future. Estate planning is something that many families put off for years. Unfortunately, some put it off until it’s too late. All it takes is just a few basic legal documents in place including a simple Trust, a Pour Over Will and a Power of Attorney to protect your assets and life’s inheritance while you are alive, and especially so following your passing.

What is Estate Planning all about?

An estate plan is a collection of documents that specify how you want your money and other assets distributed, making it easier for your loved ones to handle your affairs during a time of grief.

Don’t allow an Illness, Accident or Death to Overwhelm your Loved Ones

If you are incapacitated, severely injured, or even killed in an accident and do not have valid life-documents in place, you will have no way of seeing that your intentions are carried out. Instead, the Courts will decide these matters —painfully slowly— on your behalf. Ensuring that your spouse, children, or others of your choosing are not prevented from being blessed as you intend, requires only a couple hours of your time to sit down with an experienced estate planning attorney. Not only can your assets can be protected, you will be in control over your assets while you are alive, and your ultimate wishes will be carried out upon your passing. Our clients regularity tell us that the old cliché: “peace of mind” is very much alive once their estate plans are in place.

Estate Planning provides Protection All Families Need

Careful and prudent Estate Planning, may provide a strong measure of protection for you, your family, and loved ones. Through the use of various Wills, Trusts and other estate planning instruments, many people have been able to distribute their property to their intended Beneficiaries while simultaneously limiting their exposure to unnecessary estate taxes and avoid or dramatically minimize the time and cost of Probate.

Vincent W. Davis & Associates provides estate planning services to clients in Southern California and beyond. Mr. Davis assists individuals and families in creating an Estate Plan custom-tailored to their specific circumstances. Such an Estate Plan may include some or all of the following documents:

Why the need for an Estate Plan

Any person who owns property in his or her own name, upon death, will enable the state-run probate court to decide and order the assets of their estate to be distributed in accordance with a valid Will. If there is no Will, the court will also interject itself by the laws of set forth by “Intestate Succession.” Welcome to the long and arduous world of “Probate.” If possible, you want to enable your survivors to forgo this DMV-like Probate process, where complete strangers have the ultimate authority to rule over the distribution of your life’s accumulated assets. It is not hard for you to have the final word and the court system would have NO say; nor would your death result in a publicly-recorded ordeal as your parting legacy.

It is vitally important to learn, and fully comprehend that Probate can be costly, time-consuming, and psychologically traumatic to those who might outlive you. For most families, a carefully drafted Living Revocable Trust can help an individual and their family avoid the unnecessary complications of Probate.

What Are the Advantages of Having an Estate Plan?

  • Provides the quickest, most efficient, and least costly way to transfer property to the people you want to receive it.
  • Saves on costly income and death taxes.
  • Precludes the need for probate, an expensive and prolonged court proceeding.
  • Provides emotional security for you and your family.
  • Allows you, rather than the state, to select your heirs and the amount of property to be distributed to each heir.
  • Allows you to provide most effectively for beneficiaries with disabilities and others whom you want to protect.
  • In the case of a second marriage, allows you to provide for your spouse and then your children.

Commonly-Used Trusts for Estate Planning

Let’s face it, no matter the fluctuation of average incomes, most people have a spouse or domestic partner, a home with a mortgage, and possibly children or other loved ones that would benefit from acquiring some or all of your “stuff.” One of the most common and effecting estate planning instruments consists of a Revocable Living Trust coupled to what’s called a “Pour-Over Will.” A Revocable Living Trust protects you while you are alive and removes your heirs and other loved ones from the trauma associated with a Probate upon your death.

Moreover, for some married couples, an Estate Plan may provide that on the death of the first spouse the Revocable Trust is divided into new Trusts which are known as a “Survivor’s Trust”, an “Exemption Trust” (also called a Bypass of “B” Trust) or a “Marital Trust” (also called “QTIP” Trust). Vincent W. Davis, or one of his estate planning experts, will be able to share with you why you might want to consider these optional Trust strategies and how beneficial they can be.

Trusts addressing Minor Children, Immature Adults and Special Needs Situations

You may feel it imprudent to leave the bulk of your assets in a “lump sum” to a Beneficiary. A Beneficiary may have a special need, may be immature, may have alcohol or drug addictions, or simply be too young to receive a substantial distribution of cash and other assets. In such cases we might advise you to use a variety of appropriate trusts to manage the assets for the individual Beneficiaries such as “Discretionary Trusts,” “Special Needs Trusts,” “Trust for Minors,” or perhaps an “IRA Designated Beneficiary Trust.”

Trusts for High Net Worth Individuals and Business Owners

For individuals who own businesses or have a high net worth, the Living Revocable Trust may also create upon the death of the trust creator a “Special Irrevocable Generation Skipping Transfer Trust” for the benefit of one or more Beneficiaries. It is critical to have an experienced estate planning attorney brainstorm your unique circumstance with you to devise a Trust strategy that makes sense for your unique family situation.

Contact a Southern California Estate Planning Lawyer.

Vincent W. Davis is an experienced estate planning lawyer. His boutique-sized law firm boasts a collective 60-years legal experience to ensure a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience to deal with the most complex estate planning matters. You are welcome to call and discuss your estate planning matters with Vincent W. Davis personally. Mr. Davis will evaluate your estate planning needs and share with you your available options.

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