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Probate Administration

Probating a Will? – Get a Probate Administration Lawyer as a Legal Partner

Probate Administration - The Executor of a Will or Trustee of a trust must address beneficiaries, creditors, the IRS, and have a list of tasks that will span a year or longer.Following the loss of a loved one, survivors are faced with all the details, complexities, and legalities about how the decedent’s estate is to be distributed per your loved ones’ Will or Trust. This process is known as Probate Administration.

Seek periodic Legal Advice as Needed with your Probate Administration

If you are the one appointed to be the Executor of a Will or Trustee of a trust, you will undoubtedly be barraged with a series of demands from beneficiaries, creditors and even the IRS and Franchise Tax Board for tax returns and payments, and have a list of tasks that will span a years’ time or longer. Vincent W. Davis is a Probation Administration expert and can become your legal partner to guide Executors, Trustees, Administrators, heirs and beneficiaries through the complex process of probating a will or administering a trust.

Probate Administration of a Will in Southern California can be Complex and Intimidating

Legal Advice for Executors & Survivors.

Probate administration is detailed and thorough management of the estate of a decedent who has left a will or died without a will. If the decedent prepared and left a will, the decedent normally appoints a person to serve as the manager of his or her estate and is refereed to as the Executor. If there is no will, the court will appoint an Administrator to manage the administration of the decedent’s estate. If you have been named as the Executor or Administrator of a deceased persons’ estate you will have a number of duties to perform and you must comply with specific requirements of the law. Probate administration requirements are specific and exact, and most people will want an experienced probate administration attorney to help you meet the requirements of the probate court. Vincent W. Davis is an experienced Probate Administration lawyer who can offer legal advice for Executors & Survivors as needed during this complex process that may span a year or longer.

Probate Administrators have Numerous Tasks Required by the Probate Court

As the executor or administrator, you will have numerous tasks including selling real estate, dealing with tax returns, handling any legal claims against the estate, and consoling or litigating the descendant’s estate from any unhappy beneficiaries who might file a lawsuit. Having a skilled and knowledgeable California probate attorney on your team can help you overcome these obstacles when you are the Executor or Administrator who is probating a will and meeting the demands of the probate court.

As Executor or Administer, you are a considered a Fiduciary, which means that you have a duty to act in the best interests of the decedent’s estate. By law and by the expectations of moral conduct, you may not take advantage of your position for personal profit or self-interest. You must maintain the funds of the estate in a separate, well-defined bank account and provide an accounting to the probate court.

A number of specific actions are expected of an executor:

  • File the Petition for Probate
  • Publish Notice in Newspapers regarding the Petition to Administer Estate
  • Mail notices of hearing to all persons required to receive notice
  • File a bond
  • Prepare an Inventory and Appraisal of the assets
  • Give notice to known creditors of their opportunity to file claims against the estate
  • Pay debts, mortgages, etc.(If necessary, you may have to sell assets to accomplish this.)
  • File an Accounting and Petition for Final Distribution and give notice to all parties

Experienced Probate Administration Attorneys Serving Southern California

Vincent W. Davis & Associates, serving residents in Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and is ready to immediately help you with your probate administration tasks. Mr. Davis is a skilled and experienced Probate Administration attorney and would be pleased to help make your probate administration duties as smooth as possible.

Contact a Southern California Probate Administration Attorney

To ensure experienced and competent assistance with your probate administration, consider adding Vincent W. Davis & Associates to your probate administration team. Mr. Davis is a skilled and seasoned Southern California probate administration lawyer. Moreover, Mr. Davis is tough and zealous in the defense of his clients’ rights. He will be happy to meet with you and review your case, advise you of what to expect, and how he might help you.

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