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Why Hire a Lawyer for Probate?

A Skilled Probate Lawyer can be Indispensable

Vincent W. Davis and Associates has more than 60-years combined experience to serve you and your family through a Probate process.Why Hire a Lawyer for Probate? – In sad and trying times of stress following the death of a loved one, a skilled Probate Lawyer can be an indispensable asset. This is especially true when the Executor is facing estate settlement and probate proceedings, bickering heirs, insistent and demanding creditors filing questionable claims, compiling and filing tax returns, and contentious, emotionally-draining probate disputes. California Probate Law is so complex that virtually no inexperienced individual, other than a probate attorney, has the adequate experience in such an arcane and complex legal area.

It’s been said that there are nearly a 1,000 individual steps which need to be taken, from the initial “Petition to Probate” to the “Petition for Final Distribution” over a time-line that will probably stretch some 12 to 18 months from beginning to end. All the steps must be handled in a certain order required by the Probate Court and within the court’s specified time frame. The California State Probate Court will not “sign off” on the estate until all the steps are done properly.

Why Hire a Lawyer for Probate? – How a Probate Attorney Can Help

If your probate estate is not challenged or contested, count your blessings. However, you will still benefit by hiring a skilled Probate Attorney to join your team and can who will help you through a daunting and confusing legal process. Finding a probate lawyer is not difficult, but choosing an experienced, compassionate Probate Lawyer is more of a challenge to be sure! A lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients and their unique situation can make the 12 to 18 months of interaction with the California Probate process and court system smooth and free of unnecessary frustration.

Most probates require the Executor to make decisions that could have significant consequences on the estate and heirs while simultaneously facing demanding legal proceedings. Probate Attorney, Vincent W. Davis works closely with families throughout Southern California following the death of a loved one to ensure that the estate’s assets are distributed properly and fairly. Long, drawn out battles can erupt even amongst the most loving and cohesive family members and turn into unnerving fights over varied and sundry family assets. By hiring an experienced Probate Attorney with seasoned people skills and expert legal qualifications, you can protect your inheritance and reduce unnecessary fees, delays, and potentially negative tax consequences.

A Probate Attorney Will Help You Navigate the Probate Process – You Are Not Alone

When you hire a competent Probate Attorney, you will not be left all by yourself to navigate the confusing probate process alone. Typically, your Probate Attorney will assume and manage the legal process of probate in the probate court – along side of you, or in your place if you are just not up the the stress and burden of the court appearances. Executors are generally spouses or adult children of the deceased – thrown into a long legal proceeding abruptly, and at the most stressful of times. Vincent W. Davis can guide you through the complex maze of legal terminology and procedures that could dramatically impact your life for a year or more following your loved one’s passing. Mr. Davis will handle much of the endless paperwork, court filings, asset inventory, estate valuation, creditor claims, tax issues, and be there if there are probate disputes, thus ensuring your loved one’s estate is settled according to his or her wishes with the best possible outcome.

Probate Attorney Fees Are Set By California State Statute

The cost to have expert legal help in probate actions is set by California state statutes. The fees are based on a percentage of the assessed value of the estate and only in very complex cases will the court order a higher fee to be paid. Probate in California is intended to be a procedure in which all claims against the estate of a deceased can be satisfied and the decedent’s property be properly and fairly distributed. In fact, the fees specified by the State of California are the exact same fees that the state awards to you to compensate you as “Executor” of the estate for your “Personal Representation,” time and hours you will accumulate in the often year-long process. To ensure your probate goes smoothly and to resolve the inevitable bumps in the road common to all probates, it is best to retain an experienced and skilled probate attorney to handle the probate entirely or to be the Executor’s right-hand legal partner from beginning to completion.

Where Does Trouble Typically Arise During the Probate Process?

  • A legitimate will was not drafted by the deceased
  • A will left by the deceased is disputed
  • The appointment of a specific executor is challenged
  • The executor is willing, but is unsure of how to go carry out his or her duties
  • Creditor debts are disputed
  • The executor is uncertain how to pay the creditors
  • The original petition to open probate is incorrectly done
  • The original petition to open probate was not filed in the time window allowed by the state
  • Deadlines for probate actions are not understood or met
  • Uncertainty as to how to resolve probate hearing issues
  • Disputes arise as to the distribution of the estate’s assets
  • Tax returns need to be drafted and/or filed
  • The executor is out of state; out of the country and needs local representation

The list above is but the tip of the iceberg of common difficulties that can arise in administering an estate during probate.  Vincent W. Davis and Associates has more than 60-years combined experience to serve you and your family during this trying time.

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